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Happy Easter

Rolls and Bread, Danish Pastry, Fresh Fruits, Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter, Smoked Salmon, Cornflakes and Müsli, Fruit- and Plain-Yogurt, Choice of Jam, Honey, Egg Specialties and Bacon

Mixed Pickles and Olives, Mixed Leaf Salads with different kinds of Dressing, Panzanella with Focaccia and Avocado, Mozzarella di Bufala with Tomatoes, Fresh Oyster with Chester Bread, Dressed Eggs, Bavarian Sausage Specialties

Pumpkin-Kokus-Ginger-Cream Soup

Crispy Duck, Spicy Roast Lamb, Oven Backed Easter Ham, Salmon Puff Pastry, backed Cannelloni, Roasted Potato, Choice of Dumplings, Red Cabbage, Hispi Cabbage, Seasonal Market Vegetables and Carmague Reis

Apfelstrudel with Vanilla Ice Cream, Cottage Cheese Dumplings, Seasonal Ragouts and Kaiserschmarrn

Hot Beverages, Mineral Water, Juices and Sparkling Wine

39 Euro per person