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Leisure time around Seehotel Leoni

Already the legendary king Ludwig ıı appreciated them: the picturesque landscapes, the gorgeous colours of forests and fields, the amazing waterside paradises and all the other rare treasures of nature. He found all this here, at Lake Starnberg. Let us seduce you to spend your free time in one of the most traditional and rich in history places of whole Germany.

Whether on a walking tour, bike tour, on a long walk or during the visit of one of the many museums or memorial places- you will find it everywhere: The extraordinary warmth and kindness of the people here: Become a part of lived tradition and discover a culture of hospitableness. Experience your very own holiday joy. On its hike path lake Starnberg, the most watery and biggest of his kind and with a length of 21 km, offers you plenty of landscaped and historical unique features. The boats of the Bavarian Shipping Association stop just next to the hotel so you can enjoy the magnificent scene during one of the offered boat tours.

If you want to discover “more lake” we suggest visiting one of the neighbour lakes of Lake Starnberg: Ammersee, Pilsensee, Weßlinger See and Wörthsee. No matter where you will go, you’ll find relaxation possibilities, peace, intact nature or entertainment. All this makes a stay here so unforgettable.

Besides the lovely lakes there are many castles, palaces, churches and other small, charming villages around Lake Starnberg that offer an amazing, authentic experience. The many parks and impressive buildings of King Ludwig the 2nd and his all lifelong adored Sissi are worth a trip and attract many visitors and fans each year. A visit of the famous castle “Schloss Neuschwanstein” is surely another highlight.

Munich offers everything the heart aches for: Football fans can visit the newly built museum of the FC Bayern München and shopping addicts can choose between thousands of shops. How to get to Munich? Because of good railway and highway connection you can easily reach Munich in about 20 minutes. Of course we can give you some insider tips regarding parking and train tickets.

Whatever you wish for, upper Bavaria and the 5 lake region around Starnberg are definitely worth a journey!


Even more sights to visit

  • Museum of local history Starnberg

A documentation of early life around the lake

  • Palace garden and St. Joseph church
  • Moss of Leutstetten and Villa Rustica

Fascinating archaeological excavation of a roman estate

  • Chapel and memorial cross

Memorial to King Ludwig who died here. The true circumstances of his death are unsolved until today.

  • Mortar museum

Huge collection of mortars from different centuries

  • Conservation area “Osterseen” in Seeshaupt
  • Castle Possenhofen

The place where Sissi spent her youth and that is a part of the “Sissi” movies

  • Buchheim museum in Bernried

Lothar-Günther Buchheim made this fine collection of expressionism mostly during the 1950s

  • Roseninsel and Feldafing Park

Both belong to Germany’s most impressive garden architecture

  • Archeological park and exhibition in Herrsching, lake Ammersee
  • World famous Andechs Abbey with an own brewery, distillery and herb garden

More museums and trip advices

  • State museum of Egyptian art, Munich
  • Carl-Orff Museum in Dießen, Lake Ammersee. A portrait of Carl Orff’s life and a collection of his musical instruments
  • Marienmünster cathedral in Dießen, Lake Ammersee. One of the most magnificent cathedrals in Germany

More excursions

  • Hike and bike tour around lake Starnberg- 48km, by bike 5-6hrs, by walk 10-12hrs
  • Around the moss of Leutstetten- 12km, walk ca. 3,5hrs
  • Hike and bike tour along the east side of lake Starnberg -16km
  • From Starnberg to Bismarckturm, ca. 2,5hrs, back via Manthal, ca. 2, 5 hrs.
  • King Ludwig path -26km, by walk 7 hrs.
  • In Munich: city tours, German Museum, Hofbräuhaus, Bavarian National Museum, BMW Museum, Olympiapark, Alte und Neue Pinakothek, state gallery at the Lenbachhaus, House of Art, Valentins-Museum, Nymphenburg castle and much more.